I registered for a course, but now I can't attend. What do I do?

Within the 14 days cooling off period you can contact adulted@ash.nl to cancel. After that time, speak to us to see if there is a waitlist for the course or tour, try to offer your space to a friend, or sell it.

I changed my mind about the class I paid for. Can I switch to another class?

Within the 14 day cooling off period you can cancel the course by contacting ptoadulted@ash.nl after that time it is not possible. The teachers are paid for their class, so it is not possible to switch. You can coordinate directly with your teacher if you want to change from one day to another, for the same class.

I am moving and can't complete the course that I paid for. Can I have the fees for the classes I will miss reimbursed?

No, sorry. The teachers have planned their courses based on you attending, so it would not be fair to them to ask them to pay back their fee.