Country Table at International Day

Country Table at International Day

ASH International Day is Friday 22 November. It kicks off at 2:30pm with an All School Assembly, featuring the Flag Parade followed by the International Food Festival (4:00pm- 7:00pm).

Show us what is amazing from your country.  Is it Samosas?  Latkas?  Share an ancient paper folding craft or teach how to write “Hello!” in Urdu.  Whatever it is, we want to learn about it! 

  • Decorate your assigned 1.5 meter table to celebrate the country you are representing.
  • Include a display/poster with a fun fact about your country and the food, craft, or items you are bringing.
  • Please provide enough food for 100-150 bite-sized portions, the PTO will provide small serving plates, tasting spoons, napkins, and plastic gloves for serving. This is just a suggestion, so if you can’t provide 150 portions, please bring what you can.
  • If you are bringing a craft, please bring supplies to allow guests to try.
  • PTO will reimburse up to €100 per country table with origional reciepts. 
  • We encourage all particpants and attendees to wear their national clothing.
  • Table assignments will be provided day of.
  • Set up time will be announced closer to the date. 
  • Questions? Email:

Country Performance at International Day

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