International Festival Activites

International Festival is packed with interactive activities and displays for all to see and do. Once again, there will be a Country Room Passport for stamp collection, a prize-winning raffle and performances throughout the day. Make sure to catch it all!


During the festival attendees will have the opportunity to collect stamps in a printed passport from all of the booths they visit. There is a prize to give for each participant with a complete passport with 27 stamps, so make sure to collect them all!


Kali Performance

"Kali” is a martial art from the Philippines. We sometimes use sticks, which is the national sport of the Philippines. Kali builds on flow movements and coordination of the whole body, which makes it effective and fun. 

We combine Kali with Parkour or free running - and we have named it JEDI Training, because the kids learn self-defence, coordination, balance, confidence and strong focus. We offer classes here at ASH.

Venezuelan Dance

Dance: Tambores/Techno Merengue

Song: “Pa’ Venezuela” by Max Pizzolante Feat Cuero Trancao.

“Los "Tambores Venezolanos" or Venezuelan Drums, is a musical expression product of the heritage left throughout the coasts of the country, by African spiritual rituals and music fused with the religious traditions of the Spanish conquerors”.

Kilkenny School of Irish Dance Performance

There are a variety of dances the Kilkenny School of Irish Dance will perform, and one seamlessly joins to the next it will involve a combination of soft shoe and hard shoe dances.

The performers will include dancers who have danced less than a year, to dancers that have many, many years experience.  They are a combination of ASH students, and students who attend schools in The Hague. They are of Irish, British, Dutch, Canadian and American origin.  

They all attend the Kilkenny School of Irish Dance in The Hague which welcomes new dancers every year in September, and also is the home of many dancers who are current European champions and/or qualifiers for the World Championships.

Italian Group

This year the Italian group will present a very famous Italian song enriched by choreographic movements.


ASH Chinese group

“Song : Molihua, the Jasmine flower”

Most of the participants are learning Chinese as additional language, some because they've lived in Chinese-speaking countries before and they've picked up the hosting country's language and some are simply learning because they are interested.

Indian Dance

Tradition folk dances from India

Haka Dance Performance

Traditional Maori Haka performed by Gezelschap Waka Crew from Leiden. The Waka crew have all been trained either in New Zealand or by New Zealand Maori regarding the cultural significance of this dance, and it’s importance in New Zealand culture. You may have seen New Zealand sports teams perform the Haka before they take part in international sports fixtures.  It is traditionally a war dance, mark of respect, or a challenge and when performed before a sports match it is an invitation to the other team to compete.

De Noordwijkers

Seamen's choir "De Noordwijkers" was officially founded on November 20, 2009. Although we have not existed for so long, there is a lot of singing and performing experience both at home and abroad.

The choir consists of 32 men, of which 27 singers, 4 accordionists, 1 bass guitarist, 1 percussion guitar + banjo player, 1 drum / beat ring / singer, 1 Irish drum / claves / singer and one conductor / singer.

We chose the name seamen's choir when it was founded, because it gives us more freedom in our repertoire. A shanty choir is bound by rules. We do not want to impose too great restrictions on ourselves. We have a wider repertoire than just shanty’s.

We also bring old Dutch songs with great enthusiasm. Sometimes even an adapted repertoire such as at Christmas or at a special performance. Sea, beach, water, drinks, women, homesickness and also our village are the ingredients and if you know the lyrics at a performance, feel free to sing along!

We will have food vendors available and some of the Country Rooms will be showcasing their speciality foods with small samples

Food Vendors

Bagel Alley - Netherlands, America

POPS - Netherlands, America

De Koffie bak - Netherlands

Rich Pork - Netherlands, America

Kuierkos - South African sausages and meats

Lompia stand - Vietnamese

Paella lady - Spanish

Lucciano's - Ice Cream

Fish stand – Netherlands



Countries participating in the raffle